Autumn/Winter season under way

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Saturday’s sunshine saw fifteen petanque players on the court at Finzean.

Boulers O’ Birse’s Ruth Emslie reported from the day: “It was a good start to our autumn/winter season when we move from twice weekly sessions to just the one, from 10 to mid- day.

“A sure bet is never guaranteed on who might win or lose. Some have week after week of success then the opposite happens. Those who regularly wear the laurels can suffer a surprise defeat from a beginner. Mixing up the teams keeps it all exciting, and the camaraderie and banter makes for a lot of laughs.

“After play, we gathered to toast the birthday of a fellow member with coffee and cake - in her absence.

“Lizie was elsewhere celebrating, and being as determined to have fun as we are throwing boules, we had a little party anyway. The cake, what was left of it after precision cutting, was later delivered for the family to enjoy.”