Banchory Beavers ASC at Westhill Invitational

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Ninteen swimmers from Banchory Beavers ASC recently took part in the Westhill Invitational competiton.

The team of: Clara Bamford, Holly Broughton, Katie Donaldson, Sofia Greer, Alice Lewsey, Ruby Lumsden, Nicola Milne, Sula Munro,Emily Scott, Hannah Smith, Isla Yule, Luke Charles, Tom Horrell and Matthew Leonard in the 11 to 13 years old category and Zoe Hutcheon, Khyia Smith, Taylor Smith, Finn Heard, Angus Harrold in the 14 plus category took part, achieving a number of Personal Bests and an impresive medal haul of 24.

Medals: Tom Horrell - 2nd 200FC; Finn Heard - 3rd 200FC, 3rd 100BF, 2nd 200BF, 2nd 400FC; Isla Yule - lots of 1sts - 200BrS, 100BC, 100FC, 200BC, 100BrS, 200IM, 200FC, 200BF, 2nd open age 400IM beaten by a 25yo and then herself beating all other ages, and won best girl overall at competition; Emily Scott - 2nd 200BrS, 2nd 200FC; Zoe Hutcheon - 2nd 200BrS, 2nd 100FC; Ruby Lumsden - 2nd 100BC, 2nd 100FC, 2nd 200BC, 3rd 100BrS; Angus Harold - 2nd 100BC; Hannah Smith - 3rd 200FC. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th places to Banchory Beavers in 11 - 13yo 200FC.