Choi Kwang Do grading event

Tully Fight Club
Tully Fight Club

The Choi Kwang Do Black Belt Academy (Scotland), based in Alford and Kingswells, held a black belt grading on Saturday.

The grading in the Tullynessle Hall was well attended by family and friends eager to see the candidates being put through their paces.

The grading lasted a gruelling seven hours, with Lucy McKee and Leonie McKenzie grading to 1st Dan, and Lynn Cormack grading to 2ndd Dan.

Also grading for their next tags were Alex Dow (1st Dan), Lachlan Dow (1st Dan), Gusdi Zulfendi (3rd Dan), Alastair Maclean (3rd Dan), Georgia Boylan (3rd Dan), Sean Flann (3rd Dan) and John Flann (3rd Dan).

A spokesperson said: ‘‘The club was extremely proud of the students who exceeded all expectations, passing their gradings with flying colours.

‘‘Special mention was made of the two new Black Belts, Lucy (10) and Leonie (12), who worked very hard to achieve their goals - something with which even adults might struggle!

‘‘Examiners for the day were Master Nadine Thomas (5th Dan), Harrison Rafferty (4th Dan), Alan Stott (4th Dan) and our guest examiner Anne Jones (3rd Dan) from the 
Bridge-of-Don CKD School. Thanks to all the examiners, and helpers who attended the busy day to help out with the grading.

‘‘The CKDBBA (Scotland) show extraordinary support for their students, especially at testing time. Normally a tag test will last for around an hour, but seven of the club Black Belts elected to tag test alongside the three Dan testers to offer support and encouragement throughout the day.

Also helping out were Alan Thomas (1st Dan), Rhys Thomas (Red Belt Snr), and Sam Smart (2nd Dan). Special Mention to Ben Geddes (1st Dan) who also offered to assist but was not required.’’

Pictured from left - back row -

Alan Thomas, Lynn Cormack, Gusdi Zulfendi, John Flann, Harrison Rafferty, Anne Jones, Nadine Thomas, Alan Stott, Alex Dow, Alastair Maclean, Sean Flann, Lachlan Dow

In front - Georgia Boylan, Lucy McKee, Leonie McKenzie, Rhys Thomas