Golf Returns


The scores for the competition on Wednesday June 24 2015 were as follows: ABOYNE - SLGA Medal - Silver Division - S. Kettlewell (13) 73, C. Eakin (17) 74, K. Beveridge (1) 74. Bronze Division - K. Bradburn (34) 79, E. Rae (21) 79, A. Mitchell (22) 82. CSS 74.

Deeside League Week 8

Banchory 5, Stonehaven 1; Aboyne 4, Braemar 2; Tarland 3, Peterculter 3

Ballater Golf Club

McLean Cup – Mixed Greensomes G Smith J Murray 64.8, K Porter N Paterson 68.4, D Christie H Backhouse 70.4.

Ladies Championship (36 hole medal). Challenge Cup – B Gurden 166, H Backhouse 169, Handicap Cup – S Lawson (16) 143, K Farquhar (22) 150, Godsman Quaich – V Davidson (26) 77.

Aboyne Seniors Open

LATE entries will be accepted online at or 013398-86328 Pro shop, for the Aboyne Seniors’ Open Tournament on Tuesday (July 7). Players leave the tee in threes at ten-minute intervals. Competitors from the host club unless stated otherwise.

8.10 – P. Allum (M), R. Moles (M) and partner, R. Tomal, C. Sinclair, D Elrick.

8.30 – E. Morrison (M): A. Bremner and Partner, R. Morrison (H), A. Coutts (Ca) and partner. P. McMillan (G), A. Robertson (Mo), R. Usher (Ba).

9.0 –W.A. Beagrie (Ki), W. Pirie (Ki), M. Gray (K), J. Hamilton (M), P. Ogden, J. Forbes, I. Clark (D), R. Allison (D), A. Towns (D).

9.30 –J. Stewart (P), W. Brebner (B) and partner, J. MacPherson (M), M. Collie (Ne), R. Croft (Ne), C. Munro (W), J. Dee (Bi), D. Finnie (Mu).

10.0 –D. Drummond (RP), N. Warden (E), J. Carnie (E), S. Hepburn (Ne), W. Grant (Po), R. Cattanach (E), J. Mennie (Car), F. Mitchell (D), R. Dyer (D),

10.30 – G. Gabell, (R), B. Gall (Cr), E. Brown (H). R. Walker (Le), F. Mitchell (D); B. Duguid (I), T. Atkinson, P. O’Shea (B), J. Hetherington (Pon),

11.0 – M. Morton (Bl), J. Robertson (Bl), R. Salvin (Bl), R. Punton (RA), J. Clement, I. Anderson, D. Forsyth, B. Taylor (Dr), S. Walker (Kir)

11.30 – D. Bisset (Ba), A. Fraser (NB), A. Moffat (RM), J. Russell (St), B. Mathers (L) and partner, D. Douglas, S. Faichney (St), P. Guthrie (M).

12.0 –G. Riddell (G), J. Brown (F) and partner, W. Bavidge (M), G. Telfer (M), A. Smith (M), D. Douglas (Bl), R. Nelson (Bl), G. Clark (Bl)

12.30 – G. Wilson (K); I. Valentine (M), R. Bruce, N. Parsons (Fo), D. Thorne (Fo) and partner, W. Porter (A), B. Morrocco (M) and partner

1.0 D. Walker (P), R. Smith, W. Peace (A), T. Scatterty (Ba), B. Marjoriebanks (M), G. Kane (M), H. Bergfeldt, T. Lochhead (T), P. Clare.

1.30 – C. Thomas, G. White, R. Milligan, J. Grant (RM), A. Glegg (Ba), M. Gibson (Ki),

2.0 – I. Goodenough, D. Gauld (P), R. Thomson (Ba), G. Stevely (M), N. Parker (M), B. Urquhart (M).

Braemar Golf Club

Braemar Golf Club Saturday June 27, 15 Ladies Moir Scott Trophy & Extra Medal CSS 67: L. Myers (17), M McKay(19) 69; L. Manson (7), D Snape (21) 72; L. McKay (25) 75:

Late entries will be accepted on 013397 41618 for the Aberdeen Trophy Centre Gents 36 Hole Open (0-9) on Saturday July 4 and for the Aberdeen Trophy Centre Gents 36 Hole Open (10-28) on Sunday July 5.

Saturday July 4: 7.30 _ A. Campbell (M), R. Manson (KY), R. Dick (RA); P. Manson, I.Welsh (NB), R. Young (NB); R. Cattanach (E), P. Sinclair (E), J. Kinsella; P. Henderson, K. Manson (KY), G. Dick (RA).

8.02 _ M. Greig (BA), B. Edmond (BA), M. Edmond (BA); J. Black (D), N. Black (DE), D. Grieve (BA); J. Calder (KY), E. Duthie (N), C. Clark (N); C. Brechin (P), S. Lawrie (P), K. Horne (P).

8.34 _ G. Esson (P), L. Shand (P), R. Murdoch (P); L. O’Connor (NB), G. Grimmer (NB), D. McGivallary (NB); S. Meade (PE), G. Meade (C) and Partner; N. Walker (NO), I. Pratt (NC), A. Mitchell (NO).

9.06 _ A. Cruickshank (C), A. Howie (C), A. McDonald (C); K. Ross (H), I. Murray (H) and Partner; G. Mitchell, B. Murray (P), G. Mitchell Jr (BA); C. Stephen (A), E. Grant (L) and Partner.

10.02 _ G. Pennet (M), C. Mackie (CB) and Partner, B. Drummond (EL), P. Morrison (PO) and Partner; R. Hood (CA), J. Hood (CA), J. Lawrence (T); C. Duffus (KY), M. Black (K), M. Lawrence (T).

Sunday July 5: 7.54 _ S. Tait, A. Pirie and Partner; S. Myers, S. Golder, C. Snape; D. Yorke (K), B. Craig (K), D. Lamont (K)

8.58 _ J. Dalgarno (H), E. Alexander (H), R. Marshall (H); D. Gray (NW), K. Lorimer (NB), K. Annand (NW); M. McDonald (PO), R. Conner (PO) and Partner

9.46 _ F. Clews (BM), D. Stewart (BM), H. McGahon (HD); R. Summers (PO), M. Summers (PO), P. Jamieson (PO); M. Bennet (KI), P. Shewan (KI), C. Wood (KI)