Grammar big guns prove too powerful for Deeside

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Deeside head coach Bruce Strachan’s fears came to pass as Aberdeen Grammar 2XV fielded nine top-team players in last Saturday’s fixture and ran out 53-14 winners.

“We were looking forward to playing Grammar 2XV as we had an opportunity to step up and perhaps take some points from the game, however what happened was exactly what we hoped would not happen and Grammar loaded the team with nine National League 1 players,” Bruce said.

“So we finished the game with mixed feelings, very proud of the lads as the attitude and approach to attacking rugby was excellent, even though we were playing with 14 men for the majority of the game, and stunned at Grammar for loading their team to such an extent.

“There’s not much we can do in such situations, it’s another example of the tribalism that refuses to let go of its hold on north-east rugby clubs.

“There are two games left and with another league restructure just around the corner we are just playing for the love of the sport and a big bundle of pride so we will see what happens.”

Looking ahead, Bruce added: “My time as first XV coach here at Deeside is coming to an end after four very different years. We managed two league wins in my first two seasons. It’s been so difficult with the oil crash and we have struggled with numbers since then.

“It’s time to develop my coaching qualifications and perhaps take on the challenge of one of the younger teams here at Deeside, if a post is available.”

Deeside’s next game is a week on Saturday away to Mackie, while they have to undertake a much longer trip for their final game, in Stornoway on May 12.

Deeside U16 s came third in Lathallan School 7s on Saturday to win the plate.

This Sunday, Garioch/Deeside compete in the U16 Caledonia Shield final at Madras RFC, St Andrews against Stirling County (1.30pm).