Murray’s Wimbledon victory sets the tone

Wimbledon champion Andy Murray
Wimbledon champion Andy Murray

The full joy of Andy Murray’s second win at Wimbledon must be tempered by the fact we are unlikely to see a boom in Scottish tennis if the Dunblane player’s first win in 2013 is anything to go by, writes Jack Nixon.

Far from bringing out aspiring young players, all the evidence suggests the sport has actually stagnated since that first memorable win.

Incredible, but true, begging the question as to what it takes to inspire our youngsters if it’s not seeing one of our own lift the most cherished prize in world tennis.

From where I sit in the cheap seats this is a shameful state of affairs in a nation that is apparently losing the will to live when it comes to participating in exercise, far less play a sport which is less expensive than most, including for example golf.

After all the requirement is only to buy yourself a racket and a few balls and away you go in your bid to become a champion. Oh that it were so easy.

But then it should be recalled that Murray had it pretty tough on his way to the top. No silver spoon for him as he battled for recognition on the circuit, largely ignored by the Lawn Tennis Association who were more concerned with producing quality strawberries and cream than top level players. Thanks to the perseverance of his mother Judy he made it via Barcelona, not as you might imagine through the efforts of those at SW 19.

He now stands at the pinnacle of the game, and according to the man himself, the best is yet to come. If that’s the case I just can’t wait for him to dominate world tennis for the next five years or so.

Meanwhile, let us see our local courts filled to brimming over the school holidays, as youngsters attempt to emulate the amazing strokeplay of our two-time Wimbledon champion.