Tartan touch underway at Deeside Rugby Club

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Just over 50 participants of all ages and abilities flocked to Woodend last Wednesday for the first Tartan Touch session of the summer.

With the temperature over 20 degrees and uninterrupted sunshine it was the perfect night to kick off the new social, non-contact version of Rugby in Banchory.

Tartan Touch amabassador and Deeside 1st XV coach Bruce Strachan said: “We could not have asked for a better evening to get Deeside Rugby’s Tartan Touch summer fitness initiative up and running. The sun was beating down all evening.

“52 people came along for the first session, around 15 of which had never picked up a rugby ball before.

“We marked out the playing areas, turned up the tunes and got everyone moving.

“The youngest players are around 13 years old and there is no upper limit, I would never tell a player’s age but I am sure one or two of us have seen at least 40 candles on a cake.

“Everyone and anyone is welcome to come and join us (starts at 7pm, Wednesdays at Deeside Rugby Pitches). Do not worry about rugby, this is non-contact, no score is kept with just a couple of rules.

“We got some great feedback from people who came to the first one so we are going to add a few things to keep everyone on their toes.

“To register go to tartantouch.org, go to the SRU website or come along on Wednesday evening and bring £3 with you. You will be made most welcome.”

Tartan Touch is Scottish Rugby’s new fun, simple and social version of non-contact rugby.

With only eight simple rules it’s a great game for all abilities and all ages. The aim is to touch the ball down over opponent’s goal line.