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Savanah Hepburn with the Drumoak Shield
Savanah Hepburn with the Drumoak Shield

Young sports enthusiasts in Deeside were at Banchory for the Deeside Primary Badminton Competition, held at the Banchory Sports Centre.

Players from across the Deeside area competed for the Drumoak Shield and individual trophies.

The Drumoak Shield was donated by the family of Brian Chalmers in his memory to continue his badminton legacy as an ambassador for junior badminton in the area and is competed for by the Aberdeenshire Deeside Primary Schools.

This year there was the largest entry since the tournament started 7 years ago with primary boys and girls and S1 - 2 boys all competing for individual trophies in their age categories.

The morning was off to a great start with four pools of primary boys singles games with each primary player trying to win as many points as possible to go towards their school team score and their individual score.

The primary girls competed in the afternoon in one large pool affording all the girls the opportunity to play against every other primary girl entrant and as the boys they were aiming to amass as many points as possible on the score sheet.

In the afternoon the secondary boys, playing in a large single pool, showed off their skills to great advantage to many gasps of admiration from the spectators seated all around the hall as they competed for individual placings with some very closely fought games. Interestingly first and second place were won by the same two player who had won the primary event the year before.

The Drumoak Shield was won for the first time by Hill of Banchory Primary School.

The organisers of the event, Joan Prieur (Sports Development Officer) and Doreen Seery (Badminton Instructor), were delighted with the players’ efforts and thanked the players, volunteers, coaches and parents for helping make this another successful competition.

There was a special thanks to the brothers of Brian Chalmers, George and Gordon, who lent their support to the tournament and shared some memories with Paul Wilson, head teacher of Drumoak Primary who was also thanked for hosting the event in his lovely new school.

Results: Drumoak Shiel won by Hill of Banchory Primary (team players were Savanah Hepburn,Finlay Williamson and Connal Cowie).

Individual awards: Primary Winner, Andrew Stweart of Banchory; Primary Runner up, Joseph Staff of Culter; Secondary Winner, Duncan Stewart of Banchory Academny, and Secondary runner up, Joseph Staff.