Work begins on revamp of Aboyne Tennis courts

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Aboyne tennis club recently secured a series of grants to support a major project to completely renew its four worn out and irreparable courts, which were laid down over 30 years ago.

The project also includes installing innovative, low energy LED floodlighting for all four courts, replacing the inadequate existing floodlighting for just two of the courts.

This, which will be only the second installation of this technology for tennis courts in Scotland, will provide low cost, low maintenance high quality floodlighting to significantly increase the hours of play possible at the club.

The project is crucial to sustain the existence of a tennis club in the village, which has gone from strength to strength in recent years.

It now has around 200 members and a very active coaching and playing programme for all levels and ages.

Club Chairman, Alan Curran, said: “The club is extremely grateful to its funders for their support, which include major £50,000 grants from Sport Scotland and WREN’s FCC Scottish Action Fund, along with £10,000 grants from Tennis Scotland and EB Scotland.  

“The club has pledged £50,000 of its funds towards the project.

“Through hard work by its members and supporters, it has raised £21,000 through various fund raising events since kicking off the project in October 2015.  

“With existing funds, this means it need another £5,000 from donations and further events planned over the coming few months to reach its overall target.

“Without the generosity of both grant providers and local support, it would simply not have been possible to make such a major project happen so quickly.”

Preparatory work for the project is now largely complete. This includes an upgraded electricity supply and removal of some large non-native Douglas fir trees next to the courts.

With the support of Aboyne Castle Estate, the club plans to plant more than twice as many new native deciduous trees further away from the courts on estate land, where they can’t do any future harm.

The club has donated its old courts fencing to the Kincardine O’Neill Community Association, which has plans to re-use this as the first step re-instating their disused village court.

The renewed courts, which will be coloured in a resplendent Wimbledon themed purple and green, are expected to be open in time for the October school holidays.

To support the project or learn more about or join the club, please visit or email