Ruaraidh wins British title

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Four members of the Banchory Trampoline Club were competing in the British Trampoline/DMT/Tumbling Championships last week in Birmingham.

Ruaraidh Simpson was the first to compete at the NIA. In Double Mini Tramp (DMT) competitors do two passes in the preliminary round, they jump on the DMT and do a skill on top and then a dismount skill onto a landing area of mats.

After the preliminary round Ruaraidh was in first place and as the top eight go through to the final on Sunday, he was the club’s first finalist of the competition. In the next group, both Craig Fyfe and Craig Scott were competing. There were thirty seven competitors in this group and after the preliminary round Craig Scott was in 20th place due to an error in his landing, from which it was very hard to recover. However, Craig Fyfe made the top three and progressed to the final. In the under 15 girls competition Katie Forbes was competing but again due to an error in landing she found to her cost that she finished in 21st place out of thirty six.

In Sunday’s finals scores are returned to zero, so there is a clean slate for all eight of the finalists.

Ruaraidh’s first pass put him 0.7 behind the leader but his second pass was very good and he made up the 0.7 and more, earning him the British title at National “C” grade under 15 boys, the first DMT champion ever for Scotland.

Craig’s first pass was a misjudgement of great proportions and left him with a mountain to climb, however, being the determined sportsman he is, he gave his second pass his best shot and landed a superb double back somersault to make up some ground to gain seventh place.

Coach Melanie Stewart Wills said: “Irrespective of what place they made, qualifying for the British Championships is in itself a great achievement. The landing and other deductions which are made by the judges are hard on the competitors score, this discipline of trampoline requires such precision, strength and focus from the performers to deliver the best pass, they are all capable and the others time will come.” As a show of appreciation to all those who have given support in any way at all and to showcase the talent of the Banchory members, the club will soon be holding an open day and display - to which all spectators will be welcome.

The club would also like to thank Banchory Lions Club and Banchory Round Table for their support which helped take down the cost of travelling for those who attended.