SAS clubs win sixteen medals

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Last weekend saw all four South Aberdeenshire Swimming (SAS) Clubs gathering together for the annual Stirling Autumn Meet. A total of twenty five swimmers from Banchory Beavers (BB), Stonehaven (S), Westhill District (WD) and Upper Deeside (UD) competed against eighteen other teams in a variety of 50m, 200m and 400m events, between them taking home six gold, three silver and seven bronze medals. In addition, four “too fast” (TF) trophies were awarded to swimmers.

Results: Ben Strachan (WD): Gold in 10-12 200 backstroke; Rory Bruce (UD): Gold in 10-12 200 IM, TF trophy in 10-12 200 backstroke; Crawford Evans (UD): TF trophy in 10-12 200 backstroke and 400 freestyle; Stian Howard (BB): Bronze in 13-14 200 backstroke; Kaitlin Dryburgh (WD): Bronze in 13-14 200 freestyle; Murray Coueslant (WD): Gold in 10-12 200 butterfly; TF trophy in 10-12 200 IM; Alasdair Bruce (UD): Silver in 13-14 200 butterfly; Gold in 10-14 50 freestyle and 50 backstroke, Bronze in 10-14 50 butterfly; Kieran Preston (S): Silver in 10-14 50 breaststroke; Scott Griffin (BB): Bronze in 13-14 200 IM; Francesca Christopherson (BB): Bronze in 13-14 200 butterfly, Gold in 10-14 50 breaststroke; Bronze in 10-14 50 freestyle; Sam Huntington (WD): Silver in 10-12 200 breaststroke; Rebekah Henderson (WD): Bronze in 10-14 50 breaststroke.