Sprint Journalism tackle the Beast

Together at the end: Martyn and Scott
Together at the end: Martyn and Scott

The Sprint Journalism team all managed to struggle through and survive the Banchory Beast Race last Saturday, and have managed to smash their target of raising £1000 for CLAN cancer support in the process.

The team, comprised of both Deeside Piper Reporters Martyn Simpson and Christopher Bradley, also featured Lee McCann of the Mearns Leader, Sean O’Neil of the Fraserburgh Herald, and Scott Milne of the Buchan Observer.

Scott and Martyn, ready for a pint

Scott and Martyn, ready for a pint

Upon crossing the finish line, Team Captain Martyn Simpson said: “It’s a great achievement knowing that I won’t be doing that again any time soon.

“The hardest part for me was the water - your legs just seize up in that cold water as soon as you come out and it’s quite a bad pain, but once you’re out and you dry off you’re fine.”

Scott, who crossed the line with Martyn, said: “The hardest part for me was going under the mud because I got it in my eyes and it was absolutely horrible.”

He added: “I found it quite challenging, and struggled with the first uphill section, losing my footing in the deep mud really took it out of me.

Onwards: Lee McCann enters the clay

Onwards: Lee McCann enters the clay

“In the end, I’m glad I did it and proud to have finished the race, but my muscles will be aching in the days afterwards - clearly a sign that I’m not as fit as I thought I was.”

Lee said: “That last kilometre was actually ridiculous because there were three or four obstacles and those hurdles hurt.”

Though Martyn abandoned Lee, leaving him stuck in the mud in the early stages of the race, he redeemed himself at the final obstacle - the hurdles - abandoning personal glory to sit by a prostrate Scott Milne and support him through a painful cramp.

Sean, who had never ran s far as 10K before, was pleased to finish the Beast in the very respectable time of around 1:25:00. He said: “It was tough going at the start up the hill but after that I started to enjoy it a bit more. Glad to have finished it and finished it around my target time.

“If I was doing it again I would probably train a bit more but I said that this time as well. Happy that we raised over our target money for CLAN too and thanks to everyone that donated - you’re all pure sound.”

The Sprint Journalism team have so far raised £1290, 129 percent of their original target. Anyone wishing to sponsor them in retrospect still can, by visiting: https://www.justgiving.com/sprintjournalism.

Their final results were: Christopher Bradley, 1:05:32 (39th), Sean O’Neil, 1:25:00, Martyn Simpson, 1:46:17 (958th), Scott Milne, 1:46:19 (963rd), and Lee McCann, 2:00:21 (1329).

The team’s editor, Rachel Cambell watched from the sidelines, as she is currently pregnant, but promised to join the guys next time.