Alford heritage boost from community council work


A granite plaque will be unveiled beside the statue to Jeremy Eric, known as the Alford Bull, directing visitors to the Alford Heritage Museum.

The museum has a new exhibition which commemorates the Aberdeen Angus and its impact on Donside and wider North-east of Scotland.

Well known agricultural journalist, and Piper columnist, Eddie Gillanders, will take charge of the unveiling at 10.30 am this Saturday.

This will be followed by the unveiling of the ‘Watchmakers Clock’ in the Main Street an Alford landmark since the late nineteenth century.

Donside Community Council were approached for help with funding for the project by Robbie Gordon and Jimmy Lumsden in late 2012 and assisted with the fundraising to bring the clock back to its former glory.

Donations were received from Alford and District Local History Group, Alford and District Garden Club and local people which was matched by a grant from Marr Area Partnership.

The clock was removed from its space early last year and given a complete refurbishment under the supervision of a well known local ‘Watchmaker’.

The clock face has been replaced and new hands created with the help of pupils from Alford Academy and their 3d Printer.

The clock will be unveiled at 11am.