Deeside writing duo print Scottish-themed fiction

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A husband and wife writing team with a Deeside connection have set up a new publishing imprint featuring their Scottish-themed fiction.

Jim Forbes and Elinor Hunter have launched new company Kinord Books, which has published two initial offerings in the form of full-length novels ‘A Bad Woman’ and ‘Taran’s Wheel’.

Both novels have attracted highly favourable reviews so far and appeal to a diverse readership, male and female.

‘A Bad Woman’ is Elinor’s first novel with the couple’s new business venture. It is set in the rural south-west and the industrial heartland of central Scotland in the mid to late 19th century, and explores the real lives of two women trapped in a cycle of childbearing and poverty in a cruel, male-dominated society.

Jim Forbes’ book ‘Taran’s Wheel’ is the first in the author’s ‘Incomers’ series. Rooted in Cromar on Deeside, ‘Taran’s Wheel’ interweaves a contemporary tale of mystery and suspense with local history and legend.

Originally from central Scotland, Elinor grew up in the north-east. She graduated with an MA from Aberdeen University in 1970, married Jim the same year, and worked as a primary schoolteacher before later moving to Belgium and the USA.

Jim Forbes grew up in Tarland, a location that will be familiar to readers of ‘Taran’s Wheel’.

Paperback editions of Kinord Books are sold online, with e-book versions available.