Does Nithin iver happen in Bunk’ry?


This year the Banchory River Festival committee have decided to play on a complaint of local people while, simultaneously, challenging it..!

With the launch of their ‘Nithin iver happens in Bunk’ry!’ bumper sticker, which advertises event details, the committee want people to enjoy the irony and help them change the status quo.

Jan Leatham, senior member of the festival committee, said: “ (The bumper sticker) is a phrase that can be heard occasionally while out and about, walking the pavements, or while browsing the establishments in the High Street.

“While it’s not strictly true, there is stuff on, but people don’t hear about it in time or events happen that are only advertised on Facebook or Twitter and not everyone is a social media junkie.

“This year we are holding Banchory’s very own River Festival for the second time, from June 13-15, and have come up with a catchphrase to get the ball rolling and promote the event.

‘‘We’ve had some window stickers printed to be used in your car, house or shop window, in the style of the increasingly popular Cabrach Radio (sorry people who don’t see Facebook).

‘‘The stickers are free, but there is a limited number so be sure to pick yours up from Continental Cream or The Juice Bar in Posties Walk and display it wherever you can.

“Let’s see if we can find a way to spread the word so that everyone in Banchory, no matter how media-shy, has heard about our festival.

As an extra attraction, the committee are looking for photos of the stickers in unusual locations and readers can post them on the Banchory River Festival Facebook page or send to

The best one will win a prize.