DUFI Art puts Banchory in the frame

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Six new murals in the centre of Banchory were unveiled at a community event in Scott Skinner Square on Friday, October 10.

The new Banchory brand was also launched at the 5pm event.



Artists behind the mural project, ‘Bassline,’ were on hand to discuss their work and thank the people of Banchory for allowing them to work in their town and for providing ideas.

Fin Macrae and Alister MacInnes, a collaborative duo who make up DUFI Art, were commissioned by Aberdeenshire Council to lead the project with support from five other artists.

The overall theme for the project is based on the idea of Banchory as a home, a place to feel grounded and a place to be part of the community.

The imagery used has been influenced by this theme as well as conversations and engagement with members of the local community.



The artists braved the bad weather last Monday, October 6, during which the murals were painted.

Six locations in Banchory of varying sizes and surfaces were selected, all of which help direct people towards Scott Skinner Square, where a much wider regeneration project has been in process for the last 15 months.

Chair of the Marr Area Committee, Councillor Moira Ingleby, said: “I would like to thank everyone in the local community who has come together to push this project forward.

“I would also like to thank all of the owners and tenants of the properties who have given Aberdeenshire Council permission to use their walls and doors to site the murals, including the Royal British Legion.”

The new brand – which incorporates a logo, strap lines and typeface – has also been designed by DUFI Art and commissioned by Aberdeenshire Council to create a recognisable creative identity for Banchory and promote the town’s rich historical roots and vibrant, growing community.

The new contemporary logo has been based on the traditional St Ternan imagery associated with Banchory.

It incorporates a number of elements representing key aspects of the town’s community and culture – the staff signifying agriculture and prosperity, the book representing education and diversity and the river denoting the environment and nature.

A unique typeface called Banchory Raleway Sans has also been designed as part of the new brand and this will be available within the public domain.

Each of the characters has been developed to reflect the calligraphic characteristics of the uncial script from the time of St Ternan.

Artist Fin Macrae said: “Ternan was just an ordinary person with aims and goals like everyone else – and there is great merit in the fact that the values Banchory cherishes and strives for today are ones that run deep down the roots of the town.”

Alister added: “The brand has been designed to be clean and multifunctional and it can be applied across a wide range of locations and on a variety of formats.

On Saturday October 11, for one day only, 500 limited edition tote bags branded with the new brand were available from selected shops in Banchory, as well as badges and leaflets.

Cllr Karen Clark, said: “I think these vibrant murals will create a talking point in the town and alongside its new brand identity this will put Banchory on the map.

“Our two artists in residence, Fin and Ali from DUFI have worked incredibly hard to engage the whole community and they’ve certainly stimulated debate about Banchory’s core values and what the town means to local people and visitors alike.

“This has been a great example of Aberdeenshire Council, our businesses and the community working together in partnership and focusing on the regeneration of Scott Skinner Square for the benefit of the wider town.

“There’s been a real buzz about the project from the start and I am sure that DUFI’s creative efforts will encourage more people to come here and enjoy our shops, cafes, green spaces and friendly atmosphere.”