Wax lyrical describing Deeside or Donside...

Deeside bridge challenge
Deeside bridge challenge

Following the popularity of last year’s competition, Deesiders and Donsiders have the chance again to win £1000.

A national poetry competition, run by United Press, is offering a £1000 cash prize for the winning poem submitted.

Entries must be local poems, for example about Deeside, Donside or your town or village within the area.

Up to three entries can be sent in by any one person. The poems must be no longer than 25 lines (including blank lines), and no longer than 160 words each.

To enter, send your poem by email info@unitedpress.co.uk or post to United Press Ltd, Admail 3735, London, EC1B 1JB.

Last year’s winner hailed from Lancashire.

However, with any luck, this year’s will be one of our readers from Deeside or Donside!