Braemar pantomime sparkles with festive fun

Snow White (Jessica McIntosh) takes the fateful bite of the apple
Snow White (Jessica McIntosh) takes the fateful bite of the apple

A lively cast, colourful costumes and all the traditional ingredients made for a memorable performance of the classic tale of Snow White - this year’s Braemar pantomime.

A sparkling musical opening introduced not the usual rhyming fairy but an excellent learner wizard from Hogwarts in the shape of Aimi Blueman as Wizard Goodheart.

The full cast sing their final song

The full cast sing their final song

Roger Sudworth made an impressive and commanding Professor Dumbledor leading the force for good against the evil Queen Caligula and sporting a magnificent and massive white beard.

The magic talking mirror moved into this century as “Facebook, Facebook on the screen”. Claire Strachan as the wicked Queen milked every moment and gave a powerful performance both in speech and song.

Jessica McIntosh was an assured and delightful Snow White holding the stage and pulling the plot along. The comedy was ably delivered by the ever-polished Garry Marsden as the Palace Housekeeper, Dolly Dumpling, and Danny her son, played by Kath Marsden.

The wicked Queen’s lackey, Black Wing (Michael Holley), transformed into a menacing crow to become her eye in the sky in her search for Snow White with her dithering henchmen Bogwort (Richard Baker) and Stinkwort (Susei Farquharson) changed in the end in true panto style into model citizens.

The dwarfs treated audiences to the traditional songs Hi Ho and Whistle While you Work with Doric Dwarf, Pete Mulvey, stirring the comedy pot.

Mention must be made of the stage wizardy which delivered a revolving cottage for the dwarfs and Snow White allowing a changing dynamic for the action inside and outside the house.

An impressive accomplishment for such a cramped stage requiring considerable muscle power from the backstage crew.

Of course a panto must have a happy ending and the effect of the deadly apple delivered by the Queen which kills Snow White was reversed by a kiss from the dashing Prince Frederick played by Kath Strachan.

A happy colourful production was enhanced by first-class musical accompaniment by Dave Frew and Angus McNicol.