Global interest for Dark Matter


Deeside’s Dark Matter Distillers have drummed up international interest in their innovative product to be as they approach bottling day.

Scotland’s one and only native rum producer, who made national print and broadcast news last year following The Piper’s article on the company taking up residence at Hill of Banchory, say they are a few weeks away from putting their first batch on the market.

Their Facebook page and website have attracted views from countries all around the world including the USA, Ireland, Malaysia, China, Bermuda, South Korea, Isreal and many more.

Taking a scientific and innovative approach, Dark Matter Distillers are now in production and are the only dedicated rum distillers in Scotland.

Jim Ewan of Dark Matter said: “We’re still approx 2 weeks away from bottling so there’s nothing in the shops yet. Our distributor Gordon & MacPhail have retailers all across the UK but it’s such early days the list of who’s requested us is still developing.

“We’re also hoping to land some of the major online guys like Master of Malt and Royal Mile Whiskies etc.

“I’m delighted to finally be in production and I’m looking forward to getting out first bottles out in the next two or three weeks, as the first rum distillery in Scotland.”

Anticipation from fans and retailers has been brewing away nicely online.

Sandy Kenneway, proprietor of Banchory’s Deeside Drinks Emporium on Dee Street said on Dark Matter’s Facebook page: “I can’t wait to get it on the shelves!”

Sue Fraser, an ex pat living in The United States said: “looking forward to buying a bottle when we are home in Banchory.”

A few weeks ago Sir Robert Smith (Liberal Democrat Candidate for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine) visited the distillers.

He said: “It’s good to see a local business with such a unique idea and exciting approach.

“I was impressed by the bespoke equipment at Dark Matters and enjoyed learning about the distillation process.”

Keep an eye on The Piper for more information soon.