Jet-sonics are super-sonic at Ballater date

If there is one thing that Deeside is known around the world for -it is a historical tradition of producing and appreciating quality.

Once again I saw this first hand last weekend when I attended the inaugural event of the Deeside Inn, Ballater’s new crusade to combine unexpected cultural delights with it’s beautiful locality.

General manager Joanna Whysall and her staff played host to The Jetsonics, a post punk power pop trio, ringing with an authentic, triumphant, polished and energized sound.

At the start of the night just after sound check, Joanna- who was honouring her pledge to provide the neighbours with a free drink said: “We may have some competition with the golf club tonight, St Andrew’s of course.”

Admittedly when the first irresistible bassline kicked off, the Deeside Inn was not as jumping as the underground camden nightclubs that spawned the punk movement, and there was only a small contingent of Ballater people out to investigate the new musical venue..

However, as the three piece punk outfit charged through their set, phones were sending messages to friends and the sonic resonance of their polished and catchy music- drew an increasingly larger and larger crowd into the Inn.

At the intermission Sam Day - Guitar/Vocals said: “It’s the first time we’ve really played outside London and it’s been great to be here so far. It’s a really good venue, not at all what you’d expect from the part of the world we’re in, it works.”

Adam Donovan, bass discussed the origins of their musical tastes and the genre which they played in and how it worked in this setting.

He said: “Punk music, has always been about stories and it’s kind of slipped into being accepted as folk music, a lot of Scottish folk music was anti establishment at it’s time.”

After the gig, drummer, Dave Lombardi said: “When we drove up, the scenery just opens up for’s a beautiful part of the world and the people are so friendly and warm. ”

Joanna said: “We host twice monthly open sessions on a Wednesday and are getting a great following of local musicians...”

The Mad Ferret Band plays the Deeside Inn tonight (Friday) from 9pm.