Fairytale fun for tiny tots

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Maryculter’s Storybook Glen is set to give a fairytale start to a magical musical adventure aimed at mini Deesiders on Friday July 11.

The Royal National Scottish Orchestra (RSNO), in partnership with Aberdeen Performing Arts (APA) is launching their Teeny Tiny Tunes programme at the magical attraction to introduce music to youngsters aged from three to five.

The project officially gets underway at the end of August, when it will run for three 10-week sessions.

This Friday, July 11, will see an introductory bonus offered to tiny tots from in and around Aberdeen.

The free taster day, called Storyook Sound, is open to parents and children at Storybook Glen, near Maryculter.

Three RSNO musicians will lead interactive sessions on story-telling through music, based on the well-known children’s books: There Was An Old Woman Who Lived in A Shoe, Cinderella, and Postman Pat.

The event is free, included in the cost of admission to Storybook Glen.

Starting at 10am, there will be eight half-hour sessions spread throughout the day, and parents and children can drop in and out during the day as they wish.

RSNO’s Director of Learning and Engagement Jenn Minchin said: “We are excited to be working with APA on their new programme for early years.

“Teeny Tiny Tunes will bring members of Scotland’s National Orchestra, alongside APA’s music workshop facilitators, to some of the youngest audiences in Aberdeen, giving participants a rounded musical and developmental experience.”

The first of the three 10-week Teeny Tiny Tunes blocks begins at the end of August and will be held weekly in the studio at His Majesty’s Theatre. The other sessions will run from January to March and then April to June.

It costs £50 for a 10-week block at Teeny Tiny Tunes and more information is available by emailing creativelearning@aberdeenperformingarts.com.