Praise for pianist’s Aboyne concert

Young Russian pianist Pavel Kolesnikov
Young Russian pianist Pavel Kolesnikov

Deeside and Aboyne Festival’s convener hailed young Russian pianist Pavel Kolesnikov after the final event of this year’s festival, writes a contributor.

He went on to echo the audience’s reactions to the evening at Aboyne Community Theatre and to talk about the range of emotions stirred in him by

the brilliantly executed pieces, from the depths of sadness to the heights of joy.

It was indeed a memorable evening as Pavel, who played this year with the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland at the Proms, introduced pieces as varied as C P E Bach’s Sonata in A Major to Chopin’s brilliant Schezo no. 4 in E via Beethoven’s Sonata number 10 in G major in the first half of the programme.

His commentary brought new insights to the audience on these rarely performed works, giving an understanding of how important C P E Bach was in inspiring the young Mozart and Haydn; and explaining the fear that many pianists have of the Chopin, both for its technical difficulty and confusing intentions.

Not that he displayed any fear of the piece as his hands flew across the keyboard and the music rippled and flowed around the auditorium.

In the second half he introduced and played Debussy’s Preludes Book 1, confessing that the 12 pieces were among his favourites and expressing the view that they were not just brilliant pieces reflecting the beauty of nature, but they also expressed the truth of the human condition.

For those watching, it was a reminder of how rarely Debussy is heard nowadays, and how exquisitely beautiful his work is when played with such feeling and delicacy as it was here.

It was a stunning performance which ended with the audience on their feet to applaud the sheer brilliance of this young international performer.

Pavel returns to Aberdeen on October 27 for a lunchtime concert at the Aberdeen Citadel.