Shire couple ‘go electric’ in Mongol Rally

Chris Ramsey in Kazakhstan with his electric vehicle, a 30kw Nissan LEAF.
Chris Ramsey in Kazakhstan with his electric vehicle, a 30kw Nissan LEAF.

A husband and wife team have put the wheels in motion by entering the world-famous Mongol Rally from Sussex to Siberia in an electric vehicle.

Chris and Julie Ramsey are taking part in the event in a 30kw Nissan LEAF, having set out on July 16 from Goodwood, where the rally started.

The couple are tackling the arduous 16,000km journey from Goodwood to Ulan-Ude, Siberia, in a Nissan LEAF manufactured in the car maker’s Sunderland Plant.

Through participating in the rally alongside some 340 other petrol and diesel cars, Chris is hoping to raise awareness of the capabilities of electric vehicles and the important role they will increasingly play in reducing carbon emissions.

The couple are visiting the UK Pavilion at the International ‘Future Energy’ Astana Expo in Kazakhstan, which is en route to the rally finish line in Siberia.

Whilst at the Expo, the couple will be guests of the UK Pavilion which is supported by the Department of International Trade and has the theme ‘We are Energy’ – exploring new ways to harness the various sources of energy to secure a greener future.

To date, 355,557 people have visited the UK Pavilion which is showcasing the nation’s world-leading expertise in new technologies across the energy sector, as well as helping British businesses build contacts in Kazakhstan.

Chris will also speak at the UN’s ‘Options & Solutions for a Clean Energy Future’ environment forum at the Expo and meet with Kazakh government officials to promote electric vehicles and charging technology.

Chris, who is the founder of Plug In Adventures, said: “After the 9000km drive from Goodwood to Astana in a 30kw Nissan LEAF, I am wholly committed to demonstrating the huge capability of electric vehicle technology and the positive impact this can have on our planet.

“I hope that my journey can help to promote sustainable trade opportunities between our two countries in the years to come. ”

Greg Hands, International Trade Minister, said: “Chris and his team have helped to showcase the UK’s ongoing commitment to world-leading innovation and sustainable technology.”