Glamour of the West End comes to Aboyne

Deeside soprano Fiona Kelly gave her home village of Aboyne a taste of the bright lights of the West End, the glamour of Hollywood and the joy of musical theatre when she brought her gifted friends together in a night of pure entertainment last Saturday (September 7).

Two powerful voices led the way...the formidable twin talents of Fiona herself and a giant of the London stage, Nik Page.

With so many moments to choose from, Fiona’s moving, dramatic interpretation of Madame Butterfly’s aria One Fine Day, and her deeply moving Parla Piu Piano theme from The Godfather series stood out above the rest.

Nik, too, delighted with every note and pace, but his Jersey Boys medley got an extra large cheer and the appealing message of Bring Him Home from Les Miserables stirred the emotions like a true great.

But Fiona has other friends, large and small, and they all pulled out the stops to make it a night of passion, comedy and enjoyment.

The kent faces of the Singers of Deeside, and Nan Keen’s wonderful Deeside Youth Musical Theatre, aided and abetted the experience of music and movement that gave the Deeside Community Theatre stage one of its best nights of entertainment in a long time.

The youth theatre group supported, smiled and sang their way into our hearts, capping it all with the extremely funny and lively Proclaimers’ song and dance 500 Miles, which saw the magnificent Brad Arthur and Craig Giblin fight it out in a kilt-and-guitar duel that had tears of laughter vying with raucous applause.

It was fantastic to see and hear so many local adult singers involved in the production, and highlights of the evening included the combined triple talents of Nik, Fiona and Anne Massie in the spectacular soliloquy from Les Mis, and the lovely combination of those three with Peter Ferguson, Caitlin Marno, Brad, Craig and Phil Benzie in One Day More, and the addition of Bob O’Reilly McLean in Do You Hear The People Sing?.

It was a triumph of light and sound. Speaking of which, Rory Beaton decided to give us one last gift of brilliance before departing for London. The young man who has so often wowed us with his own musical talent managed the sound and lighting with a professional’s touch... the use of subtle colours and light, shade and shadow as good as anything you will see in the Smoke or Auld Reekie.