Tingle of enchantment at community theatre

Snow White and the seven dwarves.
Snow White and the seven dwarves.

IMAGINE looking into a sparkly diamond mine through a soft flurry of snowflakes and you will feel a tiny tingle of the enchantment.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs , the inaugural show by Deeside’s new theatre company, Upstage Productions, has been running all this week (December 10 – 14) at Aboyne Community Theatre.

Magnificent comedy was led from the front by Upstage co-founders Vicki May as the court jester and Graeme Massie as the dame, with running gags, one-liners and panto standards infusing every layer of the fast-moving story so that the cast looked as though they enjoyed every minute. Oh yes they did!

Cheryl Robson was wonderfully wicked as the nasty queen; James Atkinson gave a magnificent portrayal of the blustering prince with a heart of gold and Jude Morrow was both graceful and glorious in the title role which required stately calm amid the delicious chaos of small people, woodland creatures and mystical mayhem.

Two brilliantly funny teams of dwarfs, played by children, brightened the stage on alternate performances. Craig, Kirsty, Jacob, Lola, Mimi, Ellie and Sasha, plus Roan, Sam, Charlotte, Brooklyn, Stewart, Lexi and Amalie skilfully delivered every known pun or joke containing the word short... each one a (tiny) gem.

And what the dwarfs did with shortness, the fantastic pairing of Craig Giblin and Josh Day did with technology as the queen’s legal advisors see-sawed between the quill and the laptop in a series of sharp moves that appealed specially to the more mature members of the audience who appreciated the confusion over terms like mouse...squeak squeak!

Other great performances included Jennie Symon who shared the role of Merlin Mirror with Nancy Davidson and Sheila Benzie; Iona Kellas as the winsome forest spirit and the dancers, singers and woodland animals who added to the magic.

The key role of Fairy Good Fortune was shared by Dee Panes and Sarah MacKay, with their able assistant Isla Harker, aged 8, adding the aaaah-cute factor with a flawless performance which required perfect timing as she kept the forgetful senior fairy on the right track.

On review night, it was Sarah who graced the stage as Fortune .... a vision of glory with a voice to match.

The magnificent song When You Believe was delivered with such earnest, longing passion just before the interval that nobody wanted the curtains to close...even for a cup of tea.

Well done Upstage. More of the same please.