#ThinkWINTER in the mountains

Mountaineering experts are teaming up to ensure that people heading for Scotland’s winter hills and mountains can have easy access to the right information and advice.

By Dawn Renton
Wednesday, 8th December 2021, 7:54 am
Updated Wednesday, 8th December 2021, 7:54 am
The campaign is urging people to make sure they have the right info for their adventures
The campaign is urging people to make sure they have the right info for their adventures

Scotland’s leading mountain skills and safety organisations have joined forces for a fourth #ThinkWINTER campaign to direct people to the most relevant sources of advice on winter hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking, and ski/snowboard touring in Scotland and make it available free of charge to all who require it.

The joint venture between Mountaineering Scotland, Scottish Mountain Rescue, Glenmore Lodge, Mountain Training Scotland, Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland and Snowsport Scotland, aims to cut through the confusion and provide a trusted and reliable source which everyone can access.

Throughout the winter season, information, advice and tips will be shared through social media posts using the hashtag #ThinkWINTER as well as on the organisations’ websites and through a series of talks and online events.

Stuart Younie, chief executive officer of Mountaineering Scotland, said: “Tackling the Scottish mountains in winter conditions can be a serious undertaking, and it requires careful planning as well as the additional skills and equipment beyond those needed for summer hill walking.

“With so much information now available online and on social media, we want to make sure people know how to access reliable and up to date information to help them keep safe and enjoy their winter adventures.”

The organisations involved in the campaign also want to make sure people know how to call for help and what to do in the event that things do go wrong.

Damon Powell, chairman of Scottish Mountain Rescue, the umbrella organisation for most mountain rescue teams , said: “We would urge you to #ThinkWINTER and ensure you are suitably equipped, with the necessary skills, to enjoy our incredible outdoors safely and thereby support our volunteer teams who will assist you any hour, any day and any weather. And remember, if you are lost, injured and in need of assistance or in an emergency, dial 999 ask for police then mountain rescue.”